About Us

There has been a Church of Ireland church in the centre of Lurgan since 1725. The current building, dedicated to Christ the Redeemer, was consecrated in 1863, having replaced the original church to accommodate huge growth in the congregation after the 1859 Ulster Revival.

Known affectionately as ‘the Big Church’, it is the largest parish church on the island of Ireland. Always at the centre of the life of our town, it has been a place of building faith and community for many generations.

Our church is regularly used for large civic and diocesan services and events. In more recent times, we have been instrumental in reaching across our divided community through the work of Shankill Parish Caring Association (SPCA), a charitable body established by the parish in the 1990s. SPCA continues to play a vital role in building community here in Lurgan from its base in the Jethro Centre in Flush Place.